Products HAUS 658


Our stemflowers are unique, have the best quality and look like they are very real.
We study the shape, colors, how the petals move and are hand-painted by our skilful masters.
All materials are imported from Germany, USA  and Taiwan to ensure the best quality with non-toxic effect.

Our stemflowers & plants are made from different kind of materials: silk, glue, wires, silk-screen prints, hand-painted colors, etc.

Potted plants in every room look like they are real, they go up into the enviroment.
The plants have different kind of textures. While touching it you can feel the jellyish feeling like the real plants have. A good example are our exclusive sucullents.

We are experts in creating exclusive arrangements, wallpieces/ hanging plants. Everything is designed by our own (international) designers.

We were the first in the industry who made the flowers in water vases. It is still our number one selling item! Our water looks like it’s very real, so combined with our stemflowers you get a unique piece of flowerart.


All kind of fruits and vegetables for any occasion/ shop/ restaurant! All products are hand-painted by our skilful masters.


Our team of designers create high-end decorations with our flowers. Through the years we worked for so many satisfied customers while decorating their homes, shops, spaces, etc.

All of the artifical flowers and other products are developed by our designers from all over the world: Germany, USA, Philipinnes, France, The Netherlands and Japan.